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LINE-X Spray-On Truck Bedliners.
Outperforms other sprayed-on or drop-in bedliners.  

A bedliner is a tool that can enhance the productivity, durability and appearance of your truck. There are two distinct types of
liners available today:


A drop-in bedliner is a plastic cover for the surface of a truck’s bed. Drop-ins require drilled holes to be installed. Drop-ins
typically trap water and debris between the liner and the bed. As a result, a drop-in bedliner actually promotes condensation,
water damage, abrasion, rust and corrosion.


Bonds permanently to your truck bed. Spray-Ons mold around every contour, providing a weather and water tight seal, for
extreme protection. This gives your bed a factory installed  
look, with no lost cargo space.

There are 4 key characteristics that determine the best choice for your truck:
Protection, Durability, Appearance and Warranty.

Which bedliner provides the best protection against corrosion, water damage, abrasion, rust and other common damage?
Which bedliner is engineered to last the life of the truck? And just as important, stay in the truck bed?
Which bedliner will enhance the vehicle’s appearance (and value) over an extended period of time?
What happens if your bedliner fails? Will you be able to easily correct the problem, regardless of your location? And who
pays for repair/replacement?

Consider these characteristics carefully before investing in your bedliner.
There are several reasons that most truck owners are now avoiding drop-in bedliners, but in a vast majority of cases the
primary issue is protection. Protection, after all, is the bedliner’s primary job. True protection of the truck bed begins with
the installation of the bedliner itself:
Installation Issues
A drop-in bedliner requires the installer to drill holes into your trucks bed and rails which destroys the truck’s original
appearance and leaves new exposed areas where rust can begin building up over time. That’s right, in order to ensure
proper installation of the drop-in bedliner, the installer must first drill multiple holes into your truck bed leaving it more
vulnerable to the elements in which it was created to protect.

So before buying a drop-in bedliner, ask yourself: Does it make sense to protect the truck bed by first destroying its
appearance and built-in corrosion resistance?

By comparison, a spray-on bedliner is installed simply by preparing the surface and then coating it with a protective material
that will protect the truck’s bed for the lifetime of the truck. Once the bedliner is installed, you should expect it to provide
maximum resistance to dents, scratches/scrapes, damage caused by trapped water, and other potential problems.

Bedliner thickness doesn’t play a big role in impact resistance anymore. Recent research has proven that the impact
resistance of the thin surface of a leading spray-on bedliner (LINE-X) is actually strong enough to protect the walls of the U.
S. Federal Building and many other government agencies from a terrorist bomb.

A drop-in bedliner provides abrasion (scratch/scrape) resistance on its own surface, but destroys the trucks surface in the
process. Drop-ins are highly susceptible to causing abrasion damage to the trucks bed. And keep in mind that when a
scratch penetrates the truck’s bed, it exposes your truck’s bare sheet metal allowing for rust and corrosion to take over.

The durability and strength of spray-on bedliners has given rise to additional uses of the product. Paxcon, a division of Line-
X, has been used as a anti-terrorism bomb blast protective coating.

Known in military and research circles as an Energy Resistant Coating (ERC), the LINE-X paint is flexible yet stronger than
steel. Walls painted with LINE-X withstand explosions up to 20 times greater than what a normal, uncoated wall can
withstand. The paint holds numerous types of structural materials together - wood, steel, dry wall, concrete, brick and more.
Bombed walls flex but stay together.

Spray-on bedliners mold to your trucks bed. One of the many reasons a spray-on bedliner looks appealing is the custom look
of the sprayed finish. And one leading spray-on company (LINE-X) has developed a product that will protect the liner from UV
exposure, giving the truck bed a lasting visual appeal while maintaining its protective qualities for the lifetime of the truck.

Drop-in bedliners are molded with their own unique patterns that ultimately minimize the truck’s cargo space. Truck
manufacturers spend millions of dollars to engineer and design their truck’s beds for maximum cargo space and overall
appearance. Why destroy their efforts when its unnecessary?   

Who pays if your bedliner fails or flies out? This is another important “protection” issue - protection of the truck owner if the
bedliner fails to live up to its expectations.

LINE-X offers a nationwide warranty so you never have to worry about any bedliner issues again.

Some drop-in bedliners are covered with a nationwide warranty – but they won’t cover the repair that is needed on your
truck’s bed from the excessive wear and tear caused by the vibration from the liner that was there to “protect” your truck’s

Cosmetic issues is another issue to be concerned with when considering between the two types of bedliners.

No one wants a bedliner that detracts from the truck’s good looks. In truth, drop-in bedliners were engineered more for
protection than aesthetic appeal.

Spray-on bedliners mold perfectly to the truck’s bed to ensure a perfect fit and ultra-consistent material thickness and
hardness. Leading spray-on bedliners look as though they were installed at the auto manufacturer’s factory.  

After reviewing all the facts, it appears that spray-on bedliners are by far the best investment for truck bed protection.

Before you make your final decision on what bedliner is best for you, we recommend that you take the 4 key characteristics
into great consideration; Protection, Durability, Appearance and Warranty.

LINE-X is rated #1 in customer satisfaction because
it outperforms the competition in three ways:
1. It's the THICKEST of all spray-on's 2. It's NON-SKID surface holds loads better.
3. It will not tear or rip like other "softer" spray-on's

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